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Hatching Chicken Eggs

Some people have often argued that a rooster is not technically that important in a flock of hens. Among some of the reasons that they have used to justify this claim are that hens can lay eggs even in the absence of a rooster in addition to the fact that when it comes to crowing, a roosters can be a nuisance. The above reasons can be excusable for those who keep hens just for the homely atmosphere that they provide. However, for those who prefer keeping laying hens for the benefit of fresh eggs as well as reproduction, a rooster is a very important part of the flock. It’s true that a rooster is not that very technically important for hens to lay eggs. However, we do not include a rooster in a flock just for the role it plays in fertilization, which is what most people tend to assume. Having a rooster in a flock, has other benefits that most people are not aware of.

To begin with, the first and the most obvious benefit of having a rooster in a flock of hens is that, it is a free way through which you can naturally expand your flock. In this case, a rooster plays its role in fertilization in the production of fertilized eggs that can be hatched into chicks. Once you get your fertilized eggs, all you need is to take them to a safe place in the chicken coop and have your hens nest on them for you to have chicks. Even after doing this, you will still be able to eat fertilized eggs the same way that you have been eating unfertilized eggs. This hence means that the presence of a rooster in your flock opens you up to increasing your flock without affecting the benefits that you draw from fresh eggs.

Another important role that a rooster plays in a flock of hens is that it acts as the flock’s shepherd. This is through providing guidance for your hens on a social hierarchy basis. It instructs them on where and when to move around. In the absence of a rooster, a laying hen can take towards the male behaviors in order to fill the role that the rooster is supposed to play. This might make the hen to stop laying eggs and in some cases take to crowing. A roster hence plays an important role in establishing order in the flock hence letting the hens exhibit their naturally characteristic behavior.

Affordable Chicken Coop

Affordable Chicken Coop

A rooster also plays a very important defensive role when included in a chicken flock. By instinct, a rooster plays the role of the guardian in a flock. He is always the one who first responds to danger hence warning the entire flock of lurking danger. If a predator attacks, he remains to fight and hence is often the one who first gets killed while trying to buy some time for the rest of the flock to run for cover. He is vocal to be able to warn the hens on what is happening around them. A rooster varies it vocalization to suit the current situation. The call that it makes as it seeks roost in the portable chicken coop at night is much different from the call of danger. In case a hen wanders from the flock, it can trace its way back to shelter by following the rooster’s call.

Last but not least, a rooster plays a very important role with its beauty. When compared to hens a rooster’s feathers are more brilliantly and brightly colored. This works to its advantage as hens get attracted to it for mating reasons. In addition to this, the bright feathers act as a distraction to draw predators away from the hens towards the rooster since he is more aggressive and can fight back.

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